The Hostel is located 45 km from Budapest, and is situated on the shore of Lake Velence with a view of the lake. Except for the winter, the Hostel welcomes guests in the peak and low seasons in 4 and 8 bed rooms. The Hostel can be reached by train, bus and car as well.
The trains and the buses stop at Velence train station about 150 m from the Hostel.

Arriving by car on the M7 highway you should exit at the 41st km. Turn right at the first roundabout in Kápolnásnyék, travel 100 ms then turn left at the intersection. This road will take you to the Hostel.

Arriving from the direction of Lake Balaton you should exit the highway at the 45th km, Velence MOL fuel station then after a left turn travel about 1 km to the intersections of Halász way. Turn right then travel about 1 km to the Hostel.